Here’s how to make that chocolate vegan pie Rooney Mara eats in ‘A Ghost Story’

A24 is here to give us the timeless recipe.

Perhaps one of the most talked about scenes in David Lowery’s supernatural drama A Ghost Story is the one where Rooney Mara stress-eats an entire chocolate vegan pie for a grand total of five minutes. Whether you find this sequence to be boring, sad, or the perfect example of effective filmmaking, there’s no denying that Mara’s portrayal of a widow in grief is simply outstanding during this extensive take.

As I mentioned earlier, Mara isn’t chowing down on your typical fruit-filled pie such as apple or cherry, but rather what is described as a sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan chocolate pudding pie, which Mara says was the first pie she’s ever tasted in her life. After IndieWire asked her about the pie scene at Sundance earlier this year after the film’s world premiere, she didn’t seem overly thrilled about the dessert.

She did not enjoy it. “Oh, God,” Mara said, shivering when one of my IndieWire colleagues asked her about it later that week. “It was some disgusting sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan chocolate pie. It was really gross.”

Thankfully, if you’re interested in trying the same chocolate vegan pie for yourself, our friends over at A24 have released a quick video tutorial (scored to the sweet sounds of Dark Rooms’ “I Get Overwhelmed”) detailing their “timeless” recipe for the perfect pie which calls for almonds, maple syrup, olive oil, dates, and couple of other ingredients that you most likely already have in your pantry. Take a look:

A Ghost Story is now playing in a limited release in New York and Los Angeles and will expand wide on July 21. Best of luck to you on your pie-making adventures.

Written by Matt Casillas

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