Sony has dated Stefano Sollima’s ‘Sicario’ sequel ‘Soldado’ for a June 2018 release

However, we don’t know if this thing is actually a sequel, prequel, or what.

Denis Villeneuve is beginning to wrap up post-production on his long-awaited Blade Runner 2049, and, while many were hoping to see the stylistic filmmaker return to helm the sequel to his 2015 borderland thriller Sicario, he will most likely be hard at work on his Dune adaptation, but Sony Pictures isn’t hesitating to move forward without him.

According to Variety, Sony has scheduled the sequel, titled Soldado, for a June 29, 2018, release date, which is a bit of a change from Sicario‘s limited September 18, 2015, release. And, though Villeneuve won’t be in the director’s chair this time around, the studio has enlisted the help of Stefano Sollima, who is directing from a script penned by Taylor Sheridan.

Emily Blunt, who has been hard at work on Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns, wasn’t able to reprise her role as Kate Macer for the sequel, however, Benicio Del Toro will indeed return as the unsettling hitman Alejandro Gillick, while Josh Brolin is back as Matt Graver, the secretive elite government task force official.

Sicario followed Blunt’s character, an idealistic FBI agent, as she is recruited by the government to aid in the violent escalating war against drugs led by an enigmatic consultant with a questionable past. At the moment, it’s not clear as to whether or not Soldado will take place before or after the events of Sicario.

Written by Matt Casillas

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