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‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller is teaming up with Fox for a ‘Neuromancer’ adaptation

Tim Miller is a busy guy, these days.

When Deadpool director Tim Miller parted ways with the comic book movie’s upcoming sequel due to “creative differences” with Ryan Reynolds, it was certainly surprising, to say the least. However, rest assured, the good folks over at 20th Century Fox promised Miller that they would find a “major project” for Miller to tackle next, and it appears that they have finally done just that.

According to Deadline, Miller and his VFX company Blur will be building an adaptation of William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel Neuromancer “from the ground up,” with Simon Kinberg serving as a producer under his Kinberg Genre banner, which has a first look deal with Fox. The only thing the studio has yet to find is a writer for the project, but that should be changing soon considering all of the pieces have already fallen into place. Here’s the unofficial synopsis for Neuromancer (via Deadline):

Case was one of the best console cowboys until he stole from one of his employers, who in turn damaged his nervous system so that he cannot access cyberspace anymore. Broke and destroying himself, Case is contacted by Molly, a heavily modified razorgirl, to work for a shadowy colonel who needs a cyberspace cowboy for a secret mission. The employer fixes Case’s damaged brain, but implants a slow dissolving poison to make sure the cyberspace wiz does his bidding, in attempting to abduct a perverse psychopath who is able to create holograms with the force of his mind.

A release date for the project has not been announced.

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