100-Year Old Connecticut Woman Runs the 5K Race


A Connecticut woman finished a 5K at 100 years old and took home the medal for winning in her age group, 80 plus.

Marion “Mic”Roberts ran her first 5K at the age of 99. She finished in 56 minutes. Hartford Courant.

Hartford Courant reported that the 100-year-old runner was back in action this September, just a week after her 100th birthday.

Mic and her son Chuck competed in the Haddam Neck Fair 5K with his wife Donna. They completed this year’s race in an hour and 31 seconds, according to Hartford Courant. 

“She does walk two or three miles a day so doing a 5K isn’t that big a deal,”Chuck said, FOX 61 reported.

Don’t let her age fool you though — she was the one leading her family to the finish.

“She’s leading the way here,” Donna said, according to FOX 61. “She’ll lead us and we just follow and that just says it all.”

Mic is happy and well despite the difficulties of life such as losing loved one, falling prey to COVID-19, and breaking her pelvis.

“She’s a happy person, she says it’s not a big deal but I think most people say, well, to live to 100 is one thing but to live to 100 and be this active and enjoying life and still being engaging is a wonderful thing,” Chuck told FOX 61. 

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