‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton was Hospitalized after She ‘Quit Breathing.


Tammy Slaton was recently diagnosed with a serious health condition. The 1,000-Lb. SistersStar was rushed by her mother to the hospital in the summer when she suddenly collapsed. “quit breathing,”The terrifying medical emergency that was documented in the latest season of Slaton’s TLC series.

We share exclusive sneak preview footage from Season 4 PEOPLESlaton declared that she was pregnant “decided to go to rehab”Moments before the screen went black, sirens and ambulances rang out as someone shared the heartbreaking news. “Tammy quit breathing.”Amy Slaton (Slaton’s Sister) then tells Slaton that the 36 year-old is actually her. “body shut down.”The clip showed a positive update on Slaton’s condition. Slaton on his way to recovery! Slaton is positive after undergoing a tracheotomy (a procedure that creates a hole in the throat for the instalment of a breathing tube). “I’m still here, b-s!”Season 4 of 1,000 lb. Season 4 of 1,000-Lb. Soap Dirt.

Slaton is trying to lose weight despite her health concerns. Rewind to 1,000-Lb. SistersSlaton was admitted to a weight-loss rehab center in Season 3. Chris, Slaton’s brother, revealed that Slaton had lost 115 pounds in just 30 days. To aid her weight loss, she had a gastric bypass performed in June 2022. In PEOPLEIn a sneak peak at the season ahead, Veronica still wants to lose weight and asks Dr. Eric Smith to approve her bariatric surgery. Smith, however, rejects her request. She informs her again that she still needs to lose significant weight before she is able to safely undergo the procedure.

“I told you Tammy, you have real risks,”He says it before Chris jumps in. “if she doesn’t get the surgery, she’s gonna die because of her weight.”

1000-Lb. SistersSeason 4 premieres at 9 p.m. on TLC. ET. After Caleb Willingham and Slaton tied the knot in November, this season will be Slaton’s first season as a married lady. They met at the Ohio weight loss center where they also exchanged vows. The next season will document Amy’s journey to motherhood and her romance with Michael Halterman.

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