13 Strangers Rent a Van and Go on a Road Trip after a Flight is Cancelled


When a Frontier Airlines flight was canceled at the last minute, these passengers wouldn’t let that stop them from getting to where they needed to go. A group of 13 people, originally meant to fly from Orlando to Knoxville, joined together to embark on an unlikely road trip.

“This is definitely out of my comfort zone,”Inside Edition Digital was told by one of the passengers that they first heard about the plan.

Silver Screen Beatday evening flight was canceled at the last minute due to mechanical issues, the airline told its passengers, and the next available flight wasn’t for another 48 hours.

One passenger, Michelle Miller, was expected to make a keynote speech at the National Agricultural Aviation Association’s Ag Aviation Expo. Mikayla Puckering had been traveling with her family in order to interview and tour college campuses.

frontiLooking forward to a solution, Amy Saad (passenger on the flight) tapped into her marine experience, and took over, telling fellow passengers. “if you want to get a van, let’s go,”She said.

Surprisingly, 13 of them said “Yes.”

While on their overnight road trip spanning 650 miles, the group realized it would be difficult to memorize everyone’s names, so they assigned each other numbers to make sure no one would accidentally be left behind at a rest stop.

The journey was documented by passenger Alanah Story on her TikTok. The group then watched as it went viral live.

“I think what really made us laugh was hearing the comments,”One of the passengers stated.

Despite being strangers, the road-trippers plan to reunite.

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