14-year-old teenager killed by a moped passenger in a crash that occurred after they both rode without helmets


Holder, of Richmond (Surrey), denies the death by dangerous driving but admits to causing death through careless driving in relation to the death of a 14-year old boy.

A teenager riding pillion in a moped traveling at more than twice the speed limit when it was not equipped with a helmet was killed after the vehicle collided against a kerb. This was according to a court.

Bradlee Alboni Odell, 14, sustained fatal injuries after he was flipped forward. He landed on a road in west London in august 2019, hitting a junction box.

London Ambulance Service, London’s Air Ambulance were present but he was declared dead on the spot. The Old Bailey was informed.

Kai Holder, 19, was riding the Honda moped. The court heard that CCTV captured him looking behind him as the Honda hit the kerb at approximately 44 mph in an area of 20 mph.

Bradlee suffered severe injuries to his head & spine, which was revealed by a post-mortem.

Holder, aged 17 at the time, survived with only minor bruising. He later confessed to police: “If I am honest with myself, I don’t recall anything.”

Hamish Common, Prosecutor said that Holder’s friend Bradlee Aloni-Odell was riding as a pillion.

“Neither were wearing helmets.”

“An experienced rider should be aware of the fact that a passenger on the pillion can affect the machine’s stability and operation.

“An experienced rider will know that the machine tends towards a straight line if it is not looking at you.

Holder was transported to West Middlesex Hospital, where he received treatment. Jurors heard that Holder was given an arm sling, and CT scan.

“He was very confused and his only arm was in a lot pain.

“He kept asking officers why he was at the hospital looking to find him.

“It was explained to them that he had been in an accident and they were concerned about his welfare.”

Holder, Richmond (Surrey), denies the death caused by dangerous driving, but admits to causing death through careless driving.

Holder was dressed in a white shirt, an orange tie and a cream puffer coat as Mr Common addressed members of the jury.

The trial continues.