15 Classified Secrets About National Treasure Revealed


3. While Cage made headlines in 2019 for his spirited performance of “Purple Rain”After his divorce, he started a karaoke-bar to enjoy the Japanese pastime. He and his co-star even enjoyed it. Diane KrugerFilming can be a bonding experience. “We’d go and karaoke from time to time and sort of blow it out and be completely ridiculous, which helped, I think,”He said this while promoting the movie. “I think it was some Rage Against the Machine, AC/DC and some Sex Pistols.”

4. Although the central idea of the first film, that there is a secret treasure map printed on top of the Declaration of Independence, seems implausible, it doesn’t mean that nothing has been written there. The following is what you will see in clearly visible ink. It’s written upside down near the bottom. “Original Declaration of Independence, dated 4th July 1776.” Why? Why?

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