15 Inspirational Stories to Reward You After Thanksgiving


It’s time for a giant helping of goodness!

Thanksgiving is over. The pie and turkey have been cut and the pie sliced. But with the holiday season just kicking off, it’s more important than ever before to give thanks and gratitude.

Essential workers such as teachers, nurses, and first responders have made a significant impact on their communities over the past year. Americans of all ages have shown that a small act of kindness can make an enormous difference.

And as residents continue to get vaccinated against COVID-19, more and more families and friends are able to celebrate life’s greatest moments together. 

This was earlier in the month Christiana GuillenAfter seven months of service in the military, she was able to reunite her husband. They are now able to celebrate this season together. 

“We’re extra grateful this year to have our daddy home,” Christiana told E! News. “I know there’s a lot of men and women overseas who are missing their babies and their families, so a huge thanks to them for serving our country.”