15 Rehabilitated Sea Turtles Are Now Being Released


A group of sea turtles who were rehabilitated at the National Aquarium in Maryland have been returned to their natural habitat on the coast of Florida,

A press release stated that fifteen turtles were brought into the aquarium in November following being stranded from cold-stunned. This is a condition associated with pneumonia and skin conditions.

The names given to the turtles by their musical instruments were: Viola, Harpsey, Harpsey, Harpsey, Harpsey, Harpsey, Harpse, Harpsey, Harpsey, Xylophones and Fiddle.

The aquarium staff were delighted to see that all of their animals had made complete recoveries. Cornet recovered after ingesting plastic.

“We are ecstatic that Cornet made a successful recovery, but unfortunately, the threat of plastic pollution isn’t over for him or any of these turtles as they migrate along east coast waters,”Jennifer Dittmar (National Aquarium Animal Rescue Director) said.

“Marine debris continues to be a growing concern for the safety of sea turtles as they migrate along the waters of the east coast. Cornet’s case serves as a stark reminder of why the National Aquarium works to advocate for the elimination of single-use plastics and the removal of plastic pollution from waterways and wetlands,”She added.

These rescues are part a program called Animal Rescue at the aquarium. This is responsible for responding immediately to any stranded sea turtles or marine mammals along Maryland’s 3,190-mile coastline, and then releasing them after rehabilitation.