16 Teacher Couples Share Their Greatest Lessons About Love and Romance


Attention all romantics: Class is now in session!

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, teachers have provided invaluable lessons on what it means to adapt, persevere and overcome any and all challenges.

And while students may be used to learning about math, social studies, science and other important subjects when the school bell rings, it’s clear that many teachers can also provide some practical lessons on matters of the heart.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, E! News went on the hunt for couples who are both teachers serving students throughout the country. Instead of sharing their lesson plan for the week, these educators decided to reveal their wisdom on love and relationships. Spoiler alert: They all aced the test. 

From a duo that recently got engaged to a pair who has been married for more than three decades, each couple brought honesty, humor and heart when sharing their best advice. And yes, it’s just another reminder of how special teachers are each and every day. 

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