17 Animal Lovers Talk About How Adopting Shelter Pets Changed Their Lives


Don’t shop, adopt!
Many animal shelters are full of pets seeking a home. Animal lovers will love the National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, which is April 30. Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt They remind people about the incredible possibilities that can be created when you rescue a pet in a shelter.
“I think the biggest misconception is that rescue animals are damaged beyond repair and they are in shelters for a good reason,”Katherine is currently pregnant with her second baby. Chris PrattExclusively shared by E! News. “There are so many animals that are in shelters simply because of bad luck or irresponsible pet owners, and so many of these animals, when given a second chance and the proper love and attention, they become beautiful additions to families.”
Katherine has teamed up with Bounty to celebrate National Pet Month in May. Best Friends Animal SocietyTo surprise pet owners by paying their adoption fees
Katherine, who saved Maverick, her dog, from Santa Monica’s streets, Calif., hopes that this will allow families to consider helping an animal suffering.