2 Injured Dogs Rescued From War in Ukraine are Ready for Adoption


Two of many dogs rescued during the war in Ukraine are ready to be adopted following their successful recovery.

Phoenix and Johnny were rescued from war-torn parts of Ukraine, both suffering major injuries that led to both dogs needing wheelchairs in order to move, according to Walking Pets.

Walking Pets is a pet mobility company that has donated wheelchairs and other supplies to Breaking the Chains (BTC), a pet rescue service currently working in Ukraine to save as many pets as possible.

According to Walking Pets, Phoenix was injured in an airstrike, leaving his front paw wounded and completely losing both back feet. After treatment from BTC and the aid given from Walking Pets, Phoenix is healed and is waiting to be adopted by someone willing to continue caring for the pup.

Johnny, the other dog looking for a home, was shot by Russian soldiers, which caused paralysis of both back legs, reports Walking Pets. Johnny crawled over a mile before he was found and rescued, reports the company. Johnny has gotten the hang of his wheelchair and is ready to find some willing to keep up with his fast pace in his new wheels.

Breaking the Chains has leased a plot of land where they hope to work and live out of in order to continue their efforts in saving the many injured and abandoned pets in Ukraine. They have a GoFundMe page that details the work they are doing and hope to do. 

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