24-Year-old Turkey Native Rumeysa gelgi holds Guinness World Record For Tallest Living Woman


She used to be the tallest living teenager, but now Rumeysa Gelgi of Turkey is all grown up and is the tallest living woman.

“I feel very proud to receive this new record title as the tallest living woman,”Gelgi

Guinness World Records has certified her as a 24-year-old, measuring her at just 7.5 feet.

Weaver syndrome is responsible for Gelgi’s height. It is a rare condition that causes rapid growth and can begin before birth. Other conditions can also be caused by it, but Gelgi has used the platform she holds as a world-record holder in the past for education.

“I am very happy that I can help raise awareness, especially for Weaver syndrome and also scoliosis, which are the diseases I was born with,”She continued.

Gelgi is confined to a wheelchair for mobility, but can use a walker for short distances. Gelgi hopes that her accomplishment will inspire others to embrace their differences. 

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