25 Gifts for Hard to Buy for Women — 2021 Gift Guide


Some women are more difficult to shop, which is fine.

These women are picky about what they want, whether they have everything or not. This gift guide can help you find the right gift for that woman in your life.

These 25 gifts are hard to find for women

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Candle for Boys with a Boy’s Smell

boy smells candle

One can never have enough candles. This one from Boy Smells is a great addition to your collection.

Price: $36 Amazon

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Chrissy Teigen’s Luxe Silk Robe

chrissy teigen robes

Chrissy Teigen knows how to lounge — and she has a whole collection of silk robes to prove it. The hardest part is choosing the right color.

Price: $248 Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings

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Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones

beats solo

Source: Amazon

Headphones are an integral part of our daily lives. For those women who don’t like Airpods, a gift set of Beats headphones in gold is the perfect gift.

Price: $159.99 Amazon

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Oura Ring

oura ring

An Oura ring is a smartwatch that can monitor your heart rate, as well as providing sleep analysis and fitness tracking. It’s waterproof, compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Price: $299 Oura

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Veja Espalar Sneaker

veja espalar sneaker

Any fashionista needs a pair of Veja Espalar sneakers in their collection — just ask Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton, both whom own a pair (or two).

Price: $130 Nordstrom

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Bala Bangles

bala bangles

Source: Amazon

This gift is perfect for any Peloton fan. Bala Bangles can be worn while running, cycling, or doing yoga.

Price: $40 Amazon

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Coach Swinger Shearling Shoulder bag

coach swinger bag copy

Source: Coach

It can be difficult to choose the right purse for a woman. But, Coach’s Shearling shoulder bag may be the bag of choice. We are confident.

Price: $495 Saks Fifth Avenue

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TBR Subscription

tbr book ssubcription

Sometimes a good book can be all you need. Tailored Book Recommendations lets you gift a book subscription service that matches you with an author who selects the right books for you based upon your literary preferences.

Price: Prices start at $16 TBR

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Dyson Airwrap Complete Fashioner



The Dyson Airwrap is the most popular hairstyler. It’s the perfect gift for any woman. Period.

Price: $549 Nordstrom

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Pat McGrath Mini Holiday Lip Trio

pat mcgrath

Source: Amazon

Looking for the perfect gift for a beauty nut? The trio of holiday lipsticks from Pat McGrath, a celebrity makeup artist, makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Price: $24 Amazon

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World of Women NFT

wow nft

Give the gift of an unforgettable experience to any woman by giving her the gift of an NFT from World of Women – even if they don’t totally understand the world of cryptocurrency. Reese Witherspoon proudly owns a WoW-NFT so they’ll be in good company!

Price: You can bid at OpenSea

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PurseN Util Jewelry Organizer

pursen organizer

Source: Amazon

If Oprah Winfrey says she loves a product, chances are that hard-to-buy-for-woman in your life will love it too. The PurseN ultimate jewelry organizer comes with 10 zippered pouches, making it easy to carry your trinkets around. It can also be used as an evening bag.

Price: $43 Amazon

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Honest x Vanity Planet Ionic Facial Steamer

facial steamer

“It’s like my own personal sauna at home, perfect for a nice me-time moment,”Jessica Alba spoke highly of the product. We need more information?

Price: $49 Vanity Planet

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Cibluty Facial Ice Globes

ice globes

Source: Amazon

These ice globes make a great gift for anyone who is interested in facials (especially if you are looking to avoid holiday hangovers).

Price: $23 Amazon

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Cult Gaia Serita Dress

cult gaia

Source: Cult Gaia

Many brands have duplicated Cult Gaia’s Serita gown, but it is hard to go wrong with the original knitted version that is great for a weekend getaway or night out.

Price: $498 Cult Gaia

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Amazon Echo Show 10

amazon echo

Source: Amazon

The Echo Show 10 is for tech-savvy women. It has an HD screen that moves with the user so you can talk with friends and follow a recipe in your kitchen.

Prices starting at $250 Amazon

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SodaStream Aqua Fizz Starter Kit

aqua fizz

SodaStream’s Aqua Fizz starter set makes sparkling water easy at home. The kit includes a sleek glass carafe, which helps to reduce single-use plastics.

Price: $127 SodaStream

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Bonne Maman Advent Calendar

bonne maman

For some reason, advent calendars are so much fun to gift — especially when they have 24 limited-edition fruit spreads and honey inside.

Price: $65 Amazon

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Martha Calvo Joolz Well-Banded Necklace


Source: Martha Calvo

Martha Calvo creates jewelry that is playful and sure to be a hit.

Price: $165 Martha Calvo

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Slip Silk Beauty Sleep Set

silk sleep

Source: Amazon

There is nothing better than sleeping on silk pillows, and every woman would love to have a set with matching silk sleep masks.

Price: $122 Amazon

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SBLA’s Double the Plump

sbla beauty plump

Source: SBLA

Christie Brinkley is a beauty expert who can help you look younger. We recommend giving her Double the Plump lip plumping and sculpt gloss in pink, named after the supermodel.

Price: $52 SBLA

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Moonlight Roller

moonlight roller

The chances are that the woman shopping for you would not buy herself rollerskates. Moonlight Roller’s Skates are available in many fun colors and patterns.

Price: $250 Moonlight Roller

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Murphy and Daughters Bath Salts

murphy bath salts

Source: Amazon

Murphy and Daughters bath salts are a great way to spice up your bath time. These salts come in a gorgeous canister that will brighten up any bathroom.

Price: $88 Amazon

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The Party Game with Mean Girls

burn book

Source: Courtesy

Never give up on nostalgia. Every woman would enjoy this game, which is inspired by the comedy classic Mean Girls

Price: $20 Amazon

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King St. Vodka

kate hudson vodka

Source: Courtesy

A nice bottle of alcohol is the best option when all else fails. Just like Kate Hudson’s King St. Vodka.

Price: $29.99 King St. Vodka

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