3 Men Stranded at Sea 28 Hours Before Rescue


After their boat went down off the coast Louisiana, three men were left stranded at sea and were left stranded for 24 hours. 

“As we were pulling them out of the water, there were sharks harassing them and they had told us they had been fighting off sharks for a while,” Seaman Andrew Stone said.

The fishing trip went awry when the men’s boat sank 25 miles from shore.

They made a video of their temporary lifeboat out of two coolers, even as they struggled for survival. The three men held on for 28 hours. 

Phong Le was left with just 2% of his cell phone battery remaining, and he managed to send a GPS photo of his location to a friend. Le stated that his phone worked despite being submerged for over twenty hours. 

Two hours later, Coast Guard officers found them and brought two of them aboard the rescue ship. The third man was also airlifted into a helicopter. All three men were treated inside the helicopter for hypothermia.

Luan Nguyen suffered lacerations from shark bites that left him with scratches and lacerations on his hands. The shark bit Luan Nguyen’s life vest, which was tattered. 

The men admit that it will take a while before they can go back out on the sea, which is understandable.

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