3 People are killed and 11 homes destroyed by a ‘devastating’ Indiana explosion


A devastating explosion in suburban Indiana caused at least three deaths and eleven homes to be destroyed.

The enormous blast was captured on a surveillance camera located a few blocks down and on a doorbell camera situated across the street.

Residents fled their homes in terror to escape the destruction of the neighborhood. The 911 hotline was flooded with calls.

“There’s debris everywhere, and it shook the entire building at my office,”One person said it.

A mail carrier from the neighbourhood told police that he “saw a bunch of debris go flying higher than the trees”He said that the blast shook his mail box.

But firefighters didn’t need 911 calls to jump-start them into action. 

“A block and a half away from the fire station, a large explosion that was felt all around the city — these guys were probably on the truck rolling out before they were even dispatched,”Mike Connelly, Fire Chief, said.

Charles Hite (43 years old) and Martina Hite (37 years old), who lived in the house that exploded were both killed along with an unknown neighbor. 

The explosion caused damage to at least 28 homes.

Maddie Strubel and Trevor McDowell live across the street, but fortunately weren’t home at the time. All their doors and windows were blown out by the blast.

“It was just so devastating,”Strubel stated. 

Residents are being asked to avoid the area while authorities investigate the blast.