3 Riverdale Stars Have Hocus Pocus Witches For Halloween


Witches, bow down.

For Halloween 2022 Riverdale actresses Lili Reinhart, Camila MendesAnd Madelaine PetschGet dressed up like the Sanderson sisters of Disney’s Hocus PocusThis was one month after the release the sequel to 1993’s cult film.

Lili channeled Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah was Sarah’s character while Camila took over Kathy NajimyMadelaine, Mary, and’s took center stage for leading witch Winifred. Bette Midler played in the movies.

The Riverdale actresses shared photos of themselves wearing costumes from designer Marco MarcoOn Instagram. Lili captioned a group pic, “It’s just a little HOCUS POCUS.”She also captioned a photo of herself with a line from her character Hocus Pocus: “Hang him on a hook and let me play with him!”

Madelaine is featured on her page Write, “SISTAAAAAS.”She also ShareSolo pic. Quoted from a line her characters says in Hocus Pocus 2.: “This time, if we see a teenager, we will kill it.” 

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