3-Year-Old Turns Heads With Terrifying Baby Doll She Lovingly Calls ‘Creepy Chloe’


Nothing’s cuter than a little girl and her doll, but one 3-year-old’s favorite toy is making others do a double-take. 

Briar Rose Beard gave her scary-looking doll the name “Creepy Chloe” after spotting her at a Spirit Halloween store. It was love at first sight for the Florida toddler.   

“She said, ‘I love this doll, mommy look at this doll, I am its mommy, and it needs me,’” Briar’s mother Brittany Beard told Inside Edition. “I was like, ‘oh OK…’” 

The pair are inseparable.

“Briar sleeps with her and has to take her everywhere,” Brittany said.  

The Creepy Baby Doll is truly a showstopper. The doll’s skin appears ruptured, and its eyes appear black, But press Chloe’s stomach, and you’re greeted with lit up red eyes and a cute baby giggle that eventually morphs into an evil laugh.   

When asked what was so special about Chloe, Briar replied, “She is cracked.” 

Laughing, Brittany reiterated, “She likes that she is cracked.”


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