35-year-old woman walks into nursing home and strips down, then performs lap dances


A woman was arrested for allegedly entering a nursing facility, stripping down and performing lap dances to some residents.

Florida news channel WFLA reported that Heather Cruz, 35 years old, was taken into custody after she entered the Citrus County residence and undressed herself.

The homeowner was reportedly approached by the woman who entered via a side door.

Police say she was asked by officers to stop. However, she continued to sit naked on the laps and talk with two 65-yearold residents. “you like it”To one of the victims.

She was unable to be removed by other residents. However, she took one of their testicles and made lewd remarks.

elderly person
Cruz performed lapdances for two elderly residents

When police arrived she allegedly resisted officers’ attempts to remove her or even obey their orders to put some clothes on.

After they got her to a patrol vehicle, it is claimed she kicked two officers in their chests.

According to the station, she is now facing three counts of battery against persons 65 and older, two counts battery on law enforcement officers, one count resisting violence, burglary, exposure of sexual organs, and battery.

Cruz was taken to the Citrus county Detention Facility where he was held on a $48,000 bond.

In a similar case, a woman was arrested after she allegedly sneaked into a man’s home, stripped naked and jumped into one of his beds.

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Police claim they do not know one another.

Texas authorities were summoned to the house after the man found the strange woman in one his bedrooms.

The Killeen Daily Herald reports the bizarre ‘who’s been sleeping in my bed’ story has left cops stumped.

Jovita Vaughn, 28-years-old, also known as Jovita Garcia, was booked at the Bell County Jail March 30 on charges including criminal trespassing.

The woman was found naked in a bedroom with the men, on an air mattress.

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