47 cats discovered living in vehicle with their owner in ‘Extreme Heat, Unsanitary Conditions’


Forty-seven cats were rescued after they were found inside a vehicle in the sweltering heat, AccordingTo the Animal Humane Society.

On Jun 14, the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office and Minnesota State Patrol officers responded to a report about the cats at a rest stop. The owners of the vehicle were also present when they found the cats. “for some time.”

Responders requested assistance from the Animal Humane Society.

Paramedics checked the owner, and also gave him medical resources.

According to AHS, the cats’ ages ranged from less than a year to more than 12 years old. 

The majority of cats had only minor medical problems. “despite the extreme heat and unsanitary conditions inside the vehicle,”AHS made the statement in a statement.

AccordingWFLA was informed that the owner consented to AHS taking the 47 cats.

According to AHS, the cats are being taken care of, evaluated, and assessed by AHS’s veterinarian and animal behavior staff.

AHS has stated that the cats will be sterilized once any behavioral and medical problems have been resolved.

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