6 Facts about Charlamagne Tha God and His Wife Jessica Gadsden


Charlamagne tha God (born Lenard L. McKelvey) has carved a niche for himself in the radio. He co-hosts the radio show. The Breakfast Club Since 2013, it has been syndicated nationally.

Celebrities are welcome to join the chats, which are lighthearted and fun about hot-button subjects ranging from politics to hip hop. Charlamagne, along with his colleagues, never hesitate to be provocative.  

The Breakfast Club’s website states that early in his career, Charlamagne drew inspiration from renowned talk show hosts like Bill O’Reilly, Arsenio Hall, and Larry King. Wendy Williams was his professional mentor.

You might want to know more about Charlamagne’s behind-the-scenes life with his wife, Jessica Gadsden. She is a personal trainer, a personal trainer, and a gym instructor. Here’s the low-down on her and their relationship.

They’ve Been Together Since High School

Charlamagne & Gadsden were lovers years ago, when they were students at Berkeley High School Moncks Corner in South Carolina. They have been married for 23 years. Charlamagne was 16 years old when he began taking Gadsden on dates.

They tied the knot in 2014

Charlamagne and Gadsden were married September 6, 2014. They have four children together. “I’m four for four when it comes to girls,” he once quipped.

Information about the kids—even ordinary details like their names and birthdays—is hard to come by because Charlamagne and Gadsden prefer to keep their family’s life private.

“First of all, I’m not raising my kids via social media,”He said it on his podcast. “I never felt like that was a place for my family to be. I don’t knock anyone who does it, but I don’t want my family on Facebook or Twitter. That’s something I chose not to do.”

In fact, it was one their girls who gave them the push to get married. She innocently asked Dad why their last names were different. Charlamagne was forced to pause and ponder this question.

“When you have your seven-year-old daughter asking why you and mommy don’t have the same last name, that affects you as a man. It caused me to think. ‘Well, why don’Aren’t we? What’s stopping me from taking that next step?’’’

They Don’t Have A Prenup

They decided to forgo the prenup that many celebrities are clamoring for. Famous people who are wealthy want to protect their wealth and establish conditions for their relationships, especially in the event of a breakup.

Not Charlamagne. Not Charlamagne.

He also spoke of the many times Gadsden was there to support him when he needed it. According to BET, Charlamagne didn’t want to seem ungrateful or suspicious of such a loyal, patient wife by getting a prenup. He put it this way: “What the f*ck I look like doing a prenup?”

Chalamagne says that divorce is not an option for these couples. “I don’t even gotta knock on wood that sh*t ain’t happening,”He stated.

Gadsden supported him financially during his career struggles

It seems like Gadsden hasn’t ever failed to go to bat for her man, even when the chips were really down money-wise.

“When I was getting fired from radio, four times, she was the one going to work every day and paying the bills,”Charlamagne expressed appreciation.

“When we were getting evicted, she was the one going down to the courthouse, explaining to the judge why we couldn’t get evicted.”

His driver’s license happened to be suspended when he was initially trying to get a foothold in the radio industry. Gadsden was on hand to drive him to a station radio so that he could apply to a job.

They’ve Weathered Rape Allegations Together

Despite their apparent devotion to one another and their children, the McKelveys have certainly faced some difficult times.

Charlamagne, then 20, was charged with criminal sexual conduct in 2001 for an incident with Jessica Reid, a 15 year-old girl.

He told DJ Akademiks that he threw a party to celebrate his cousin’s high school graduation. One of the girls that attended the event claimed she had been raped.

“There ain’t nobody else they could pin it on,”Charlamagne made the remarks about himself. Charlamagne said nothing about himself. DNA evidence did no prove that he had committed the crime.

According to The BlastReid was “uncooperative”Talk with authorities. Accordingly, they felt it highly unlikely that Charlamagne would be convicted on the criminal sexual misconduct charge.

The charge was reduced to contributing towards the delinquency or minor. He pled guilty and got three years’ probation.

After a discussion on Rape Culture, Charlamagne Tha God was embroiled in controversy

Charlamagne was at the centre of a hot furor in July 2018. On the other hand, there was the question of whether drunken sex constitutes rape. The Breakfast Club.

During the broadcast, Gadsden called him and asked her. “Did I rape you the first time we had sex with each other?” Gadsden responded, “That’s not what happened, we both know what happened and I was not passed out.”She stated that she was coherent at the moment of their encounter.

Charlamagne was questioned in an interview that appeared to contradict her statements. Charlamagne stated in that interview: “It’s a lot of things guys did especially when we were young that were rape that we just didn’t consider rape.”

Gadsden was also quoted as saying that he asked Gadsden whether he raped him on that first occasion. She replied, “I mean in hindsight, yeah…”

Charlamagne tha God has shared many successes and controversies with his wife Jessica Gadsden. They have been faithful to each other for many years and show no signs of separating. Their relationship seems to be stronger because of the hardships they have endured.

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