6-Week-Old Florida Kid Orphaned by Sheriff Deputy Parents After They Both Suicide


After both parents committed suicide within two days, a 6-week-old baby has become an orphan.

Clayton Osteen and Victoria Pacheco served as Sheriff’s Deputies in St. Lucie County, Florida. Sheriff Ken Mascara described both as “young and ambitious”In a statement

After saving a man from cardiac arrest, Deputy Pacheco received a department award for lifesaving. Deputy Osteen was named 2020 St. Lucie County deputy of the year.

Jayce, their son, was born on November 22, 20,21.

“For reasons completely unknown and totally out of character, Clayton Osteen died by suicide on December 31st,”The family posted a GoFundMe message for the newborn. “In pain from the loss of her partner and child’s father, Victoria Pacheco also died by suicide two days later.”

Sheriff Mascara said he hopes this tragedy will be “a catalyst to help erase the stigma surrounding mental well-being and normalize the conversation about the challenges so many of us face on a regular basis.”