7 Revelations Starting Part 1


Janet Jackson’s highly anticipated series Janet JacksonThe first part of the two-part series premiered on Lifetime Friday, January 28th. Shot over a five-year period beginning in 2017, the first two-hour portion delved into the triple threat’s humble beginnings from a rural town – to her meteoric rise. The shy, soft-spoken and quiet baby of the famous Jackson family was 18 years old and had already earned acting credits. 

The special revealed the inner struggle Janet faced throughout the show. She showed that she was capable of taking control of her career and putting herself in the spotlight, even if her father was too protective. Janet has also defied the rules in her relationship life. She was fearless right from the start, even though she sometimes doubted it. Here are the top revelations of the first half. 

There is no place like home

Ironically, all of the Jacksons were born and raised in Gary, Indiana. They lived in a two-bedroom Jackson Street house. Their parents had to manage a large family of 11 living in such a tiny house, but they never left. Janet confesses in the docuseries that she has not been back to her hometown for eight years. Janet’s brothers had achieved fame by that point and the family was already living in LA. The singer was driving through Los Angeles when she spotted a Black and White mural of her brothers.


Her favorite siblings

Janet is the youngest among 9. She said that Randy and Michael were the closest to her. The benefits of growing up in a family with boys was good for the youngest sibling. “She hits like a boy,”Randy made a joke. Although she was close to her brothers, she admitted that she and Michael went through a time of separation when his solo career took off. Thriller. Michael was her biggest inspiration.


Father issues

Joe Jackson, the Jackson family patriarch was known for his strict rule of law. Due to Joe Jackson’s fame and refusal to let them become statisticians or get into street activities, the siblings had a difficult childhood. Janet claims that she didn’t understand her strict father until much later in life. “I didn’t get to experience my father the way I saw other people with their father,”She said Ep. 1.


College dreams

Janet long for normalcy, despite her singing and acting career. Janet wanted to go to college. “I was very naive, very shy, not worldly,”She said. She aspired to go to Pepperdine University.


Take control

Janet wanted her own independence after her first music project failed. He was her father’s manager and he was in charge of everything. She hated the creative process she went through for her self-titled first project, as none of the decisions were hers. Joe, after her brothers had fired their fathers, focused his energy and effort on Janet. It didn’t work. She didn’t like the title and artwork of her first album. “I didn’t want my last name to be on the album, I wanted to be known for me,”She said.


Shotgun wedding

Janet fell in love with James DeBarge after their shared musical heritage. To have some control over her own life, she suggests that she marry him. Her family was shocked by her marriage. Her shock was compounded by the revelation that James had been abusing drugs during their wedding, when he vanished for several hours. The marriage lasted one year. Janet claims that James was a loving and caring husband and wife. However, Janet now realizes that he used her naivety to take advantage of her.


Historical moments

Janet was the first woman to be nominated at the Grammy Awards for producer of the Year. This was due to her work with her third album. Rhythm Nation. Despite selling close to 10 million copies, she didn’t tour until the release of that album. “I didn’t feel like I had enough songs,”She explained why she waited to tour. Rhythm NationShe was the first to tour the world and still holds this record.