7-Year-Old Girl Discovers Man’s Class Ring in North Dakota Lake 39 years Ago


Isadora Rose, 7, was exploring New Johns Lake in North Dakota when she made quite the discovery — a high school class ring with a red ruby stone. 

“I was standing in the water, right here, and there was something shiny,” Isadora told Inside Edition.

It belonged to McClusky High School class of 1982 and was marked with engravings that suggested it belonged a baseball player. 

Mom Robin Rose put on her detective hat and posted images of the ring on a Facebook community page. Within hours she had an answer.

Turns out, it was Kerry Helm’s, who was a star baseball player. He was celebrating his graduation by the lake, 39 years ago, when the ring fell off. On the inside of his ring, his initials were inscribed. 

The story was turned bittersweet when Helm’s death from an asthma attack five years ago was revealed. His widow, Cheryl, met up with the Rose family to receive the ring.

“We teared up when we handed the ring off,”Robin said.

Cheryl believes that the ring is a sign that her husband is watching over her. Cheryl is eternally grateful to the little girl, who saw the sparkle in the lake and gave the precious memory back.