8 Dead, Many Others Hospitalized after Travis Scott’s Music Festival


Astroworld 2021’s inaugural night ended in tragedy Friday night. At least eight people have diedA number of others are also being treated for injuries sustained at Travis Scott’s Houston-based music festival at NRG Park. Although the official cause of death has not been disclosed, it is believed that they were victims of trampling and cardiac events caused by crowd surges and rushes towards the stage. Scott and Live Nation are the organizers of the festival. Sponsors include Levi’s (Viacom), Verizon, Raising Cane’s, Nike’s Jordan brand, and Levi’s.

The first night of the festival was chaotic. The day started with Attendees rush to the gate, bypassing security in order to gain entry, the crowd of an estimated 50,000 packed into Astroworld’s mains stage to see Scott — The concerts of this band are known for being rowdy — perform. Videos shared to Twitter — which we are not embedding out of respect to victims — show medical personnel attempting to revive victims near Scott’s stage, surrounded by swarms of concertgoers. The dense crowd was so dense that authorities had to struggle to reach them. Many refused to give up to the medical staff. Others show people trying to alert stage production members Co-sponsorsof those who are in urgent need of medical attention, but it is not enough. 

Although the festival’s opening night was canceled early due to medical issues, it was not too soon. As many alarming situations occurred in the crowd, Scott’s performance was not stopped. One videoThe “SICKO MODE” “goosebumps”As authorities try to assist an attendee, a rapper looks out over the crowd from a high platform. One time, even a medical response vehicle entered the crowd. Scott and Drake performed as guest artists.Even though a concertgoer was climbing on top of the vehicle, she was still there. Scott’s girlfriend Kylie Jenner was even more careless The scene was captured on her Instagram StoryAs the vehicle entered the crowd. Official account of the Astroworld festival Also, Drake’s appearance was celebratedDespite the scene that unfolds around the stage.

“This is a tragic night. We know that we had we had 8…at least 8 confirmed fatalities tonight,” Houston Fire Chief Sam Peña said, per KHOU. “The crowd began to compress towards the front of the stage…and it started causing some injuries…people began to fall out and become unconscious.”

Astroworld issued a statement, offering condolences to the victims and cancelling Day 2 of their festival. They are, however. Catching flackFor seemingly dismissing the situation. “series of cardiac events”Police are currently investigating. Scott has not yet made a public statement regarding the tragedy. This is why many are asking him about his decision. Continue to perform in chaos despite the crowd.. Astroworld is available to those who have lost loved ones. There is also a reunification center at Wyndham Houston – Medical Center Hotel & Suites, located at 8686 Kirby Drive in Houston.

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