8 Home Hacks That We Learned This year For Cleaning, Organizing And More


There are so many ways to organize your home on social media. Here are some of our favorite tips for 2022. From tackling the challenges of spreading cold, hard butter without destroying our toast to creative uses for dryer sheets (even used ones), we’ve rounded up some of the most useful home hacks we discovered this year.

1. Spreading butter like a dream

A TikTok video by a Norwegian food blogger that went viral and was viewed more than a million time proved that cold butter can be spread on toast like a dream. What is the secret? Simply use a grater. 

You can quickly get the best spreadability with a grater placed directly on warm toast. This will instantly soften butter flakes and make them smoother and easier to spread. Grating butter is also a good option for baking, as the TikToker noted. It’s “a technique used by home cooks and professionals to make food preparation tasks easier, faster, or more efficient.”

2. Never buy refills again with the Swiffer Wetjet Hack

You’ll never have to buy Swiffer solution refills again thanks to this Wet Jet hack. The one annoying design feature of the WetJet is the fact that you can’t open the cleaning solution bottle to refill it. However, you can do it with a cup of hot water.

Just place the lid of the bottle upside down in the mug. After about one minute, take it out from the water and it will come off easily.

3. A Revolutionary Dishwasher Hack

Each person has their own opinion about how to load a dishwasher. You might be surprised to learn that aluminum foil can clean your dishes. 

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TikTok’s Chef Erin Morley explained it all. “The foil has a reaction with the detergent to literally get all the grime, grease [off]. It gets your silverware and glassware shinier than you’ve ever seen it.” And she said it eliminates the need for a rinsing solution.

4. You are tight on counter space Use this Amazon Kitchen Hack

If you never have enough space for all the chopping and prepping in your kitchen—and don’t have the time or money to add a kitchen cart or buffet—you can get much needed workspace from this Amazon kitchen hack.

Julianna Claire, a blogger, posted a quick Instagram video showing a bamboo surface with a lip. Simply by placing it on top of your stove or sink, you can increase kitchen counter space.

5. A Snow Shoveling Trick A La Clark Griswold

Clearing new snow from sidewalks, steps, driveways and driveways can be difficult and time-consuming. Clark Griswold with his sled in National Lampoon’s Christmas VacationTo save time and protect your lower back, grease your shovel with Pam cooking spray or WD-40. This will prevent snow chunks sticking to your shovel, weighing it down.

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6. Dryer sheets outside of dryer

Dryer sheets are more than just for static cling removal. Seven ways to get the most from dryer sheets around your house. You can also use some of them in laundry loads. Dryer sheets can be used to repel bugs, clean your baseboards and sharpen scissors among other things.

7. Expensive Spices: Clever Uses

If you’ve ever bought a spice that you only needed for one dish and never used again, this hack is for you. You can reuse expired spices to make tie-dye shirts and give your plants a mineral boost, refresh your carpet, and many other things.

8. Unexpected uses for honey

Honey can be sweetened in dozens of recipes as we all know, but there are many other ways honey can be used. Make a lip scrub by mixing 1 teaspoon honey with 2 teaspoons brown sugar. Make your own hair mask by mixing raw honey, coconut oils, and an eggs. Check the link for lots more uses—this condiment is a jack-of-all-trades!

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