8 stars with bold tattoos taken from Beckham’s solar system, Sancho’s Sonic To Messi’s art and Beckham’s Solar System.


Many professional footballers are fond of showing off their wealth by buying supercars or mansions. Others prefer to be creative in more permanent ways.

David Beckham has been known for buying tattoos all his life. Jadon Sancho, who was recently in the Premier League, details his tattoos.

Some designs are easy to hide with clothes or hair, while others are more obvious and may even need to be covered up.

Silver Screen Beats SportWe’ve taken a look at eight out-of-the-ordinary offerings from some the biggest players in the game. One of these is quite extraordinary.

David Beckham poses for a photo in the Red Bull Racing garage before the F1 Grand Prix of Qatar at Losail International Circuit on November 21, 2021 in Doha, Qatar.
David Beckham’s 2018 tattoo is currently being covered up

David Beckham’s solar panel

David Beckham's solar system can be seen above his left ear
David Beckham can be seen with his left ear above the solar system

David Beckham is not new to tattooing. He has more than 60 designs, ranging from tributes to his spouse, sons, and daughter to his time at Manchester United.

In 2018, the ex-england skipper displayed a bold new idea. It was done under his hair, which has been covered more often than usual.

The planet with the ring sits between what appears to be lines of orbit that rise above a rose which is right in front of his left eye.

Amato Ciciretti’s Twitter

Amato Ciciretti followed through on a promise to his followers
Amato Ziciretti fulfilled a promise to his fans

Amato Ciciretti, a former forward for Roma and Napoli, has one of the most bizarre tattoos of any footballer. He made it a promise to his followers on social media back in 2017.

The ex-Italy youth international claimed that he would have his username permanently tattooed on his body if 500 retweets were received on his first day of using the platform.

He reached over 850 points and inked, despite the fact that it was ridiculous.

Jadon Sancho’s Sonic

New signing Jadon Sancho of Manchester United is unveiled at Carrington Training Ground on July 23, 2021 in Manchester, England.
Jadon Sancho also has tattoos featuring Sonic, The Simpsons, and Spider-Man

United fans saw Sancho’s tattoos of Simpsons, Sonic and Spider-Man. He was wearing a short-sleeve shirt that he had signed from Borussia Dortmund in summer.

He stated: “Here I kind of freestyled because I liked comics when I was younger.

“This isn’t finished yet – obviously, there’s Spider-man, Sonic, The Simpsons. I haven’t finished yet so there’s more to come.”

In a touching gesture that followed the tragedy of losing his little brother, he also has a poem on his arm which reads: “You and I will remain together. We were happy with you, we felt your joy, and you were a special boy.

Alberto Moreno’s monkey

Former Liverpool defender Alberto Moreno went for this bold offering
Alberto Moreno, a former Liverpool defender, made this bold offer

Alberto Moreno was a Liverpool defender who had a tattoo on his leg of a giant monkey with a gun.

His Instagram account also shows him inking a panda, panda, and a tiger.

After Liverpool’s Champions League win in 2019, the 29-year old left Liverpool. Since then, he has made 40 appearances for Villarreal, winning the Europa League.

Andres D’Alessandro’s selfie

Former Portsmouth loanee Andres D'Alessandro went for a self portrait
Andres D’Alessandro, former Portsmouth loanee went for a self portrait

Andres D’Alessandro, a professional midfielder, is still 40 years old. This comes 21 years after he signed as a youngster for River Plate.

After a 2006 loan spell at Portsmouth, he went on to play for five other clubs before joining Nacional in Uruguay.

He also has a very memorable tattoo, which is his own face.

Which tattoo is your favourite? Leave your comments below

Damien Delaney’s clown

Damien Delaney's right arm has a tattoo of a rather scary clown
Damien Delaney’s right side has a tattoo depicting a frightening clown.

Damien Delaney, a former Republic of Ireland international, displayed a terrifying tattoo on his right side during his time with Crystal Palace in the Premier League.

You could see the 40-year old’s inking when he wore short sleeves and had a clown with a gun on his arm.

After a stint with Waterford, he decided to end his career. However, it is possible that the clown stayed.

Lionel Messi’s lips

Lionel Messi is said to have his wife's lips tattooed on his hip
Lionel Messi said to have his wife’s lips tattooed onto his hip.

Lionel Messi was famous for covering his left leg in ink before leaving Barcelona. But, a more personal design was created in tribute to his wife.

According to legend, the Ballon d’Or king has a replica of Antonella Rocuzzo’s lips right above his groin. They have been friends since childhood in Argentina.

They also have three children, Thiago Mateo, Ciro and Mateo.

Artur Boruc’s monkey

Artur Boruc has not shown off his tattoo on social media
Artur Boruc is not showing off his tattoos on social media

Artur Boruc’s monkey is the last, and he has taken great care not to share it on social media.

It includes a monkey bent over using his belly button.

Silver Screen BeatsYou can quote him saying this back in 2011 “I got that tattoo done for my own satisfaction.

“It is now gone. I am done with the monkey tattoos. I have got something new tattooed there instead but I’m not saying what.”

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