8-Year-Old From Oregon Dies After Going Home From School Because He Didn’t Feel Well


Eight-year-old Amari King Churchwell from Oregon has unexpectantly died after going home from school early this week because he didn’t feel well.

“Yesterday, Amari a bright and cheerful 8 year old started his usual chipper day getting ready for school,”His family wrote to him GoFundMe page.

Amari was sick when his father Kenneth Churchwell called him shortly after he arrived to school.

“After arriving home to settle in he collapsed in Kenney’s arms, and without hesitation he rushed him to the emergency room,”The page continues.

“The Doctors found a mass at the back of Amari’s brain with internal bleeding, and quickly worked to insert a drain to reduce pressure on his brain. He was then transferred to Doernbecher’s children’s hospital.”

Unfortunately, Amari was left with very limited brain activity due to the bleeding mass. His family had to make a difficult decision.

“After much prayer, CT scans, consulting with three neurologists, and exhausting all options, we had to face the devastating fact that Amari had passed,”They wrote.

“On Tuesday, November 9th, while surrounded by loved ones, Amari King became one of God’s angels in heaven.”

According to Amari’s mother, the large mass was near his brain stem, which caused his brain to swell.

“No signs of headaches, no signs of illness, nothing,” she noted to Fox 12 Oregon. “They said no surgery could bring him back.”

Amari’s parents said that Amari wanted a career as a doctor to help people. And he still can indirectly as they gave the green light for Oregon Health & Science University to study his brain and brain stem to help others in the future.

“We thought that if there’s the opportunity for them to learn about what happened, we feel like Amari would want those answers and those answers to help other people,”His father said it.

GoFundMe has raised more than $40,000 to help his family and pay for his funeral costs.

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