9-Year-Old Patient in ICU, Conscious and ‘Fully Alert’ after Cougar Attack


A 9-year-old girl miraculously survived after being confronted with a cougar while on a Memorial Day Weekend camping vacation in northwest Washington. According to her family, Lily Kryzhanivskyy, young Lily, is still in the ICU but was awake and speaking as of Monday. 

“She is fully aware of what happened to her, she can speak clearly, think clearly, move her arms and legs,”Alex Mantsevich, her aunt said in a GoFundMe organized on her family’s behalf. 

Lily was attending a children’s camp near Fruitland. She and her friends were about an hour and a half outside of Spokane when they wandered up a trail to find the cougar. Associated Press.

The AP reported that Lily’s two friends managed to rescue her while Lily fought back. According to the AP: Adults at camp found Lily covered in blood. They called for help while another person at camp located the young male cougar. 

“I don’t have any details about what happened in the attack, but my understanding is that it was so fast, there’s nothing she could’ve done,”Staci Lehman, spokesperson Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), told the media that she was quoting from Fox 28 Spokane.

However, authorities continue to investigate the attack.

“We’re also preparing the cougar carcass to be tested for diseases — to see if it was sick, ill, starving, or anything like that—to help determine what would spur an attack,”Lehman declared.

Authorities said that Cougar attacks are rare. There have been only two fatalities and 19 injuries from them in the past 100 years.

However, Lehman advised that if someone does encounter a cougar, “Make noise when you’re hiking, carry bear spray, give the cougar space, make eye contact with it, walk backwards – never turn your back and never run. If the cougar becomes aggressive, you should make yourself as large as you can and yell at him.

“If it acts like it is going to attack, throw rocks, a water bottle, or use your bear spray,” Lehman continued. “”If it does attack, do your best to stay on your feet and fight back. Don’t play dead with a cougar.”