’90 Day Finace’ Weight Loss Transformations


Several alums from TLC’s 90 Day Fiance franchise have undergone a jaw-dropping transformation in recent years and the differences from their new healthy lifestyles can’t be ignored. Anfisa Nava, Molly Hopkins, and Danielle Jbali have all shown off their recent weight loss and the results are simply stunning. They’re not the only ladies from the series whose appearance has changed drastically. 

Even after the cameras stopped rolling during their respective seasons of the TLC reality series 90 Day Fiance, these leading ladies continued working on themselves and the results are breathtaking. Not only are their physical transformations utterly breathtaking, but they show what progress looks like on a variety of different bodies.

Anfisa Nava

Russia-born beauty Anfisa Nava had some time on her hands after her husband Jorge Nava was sentenced to prison, so she decided to focus on her health and fitness journey. Since she was already an absolutely gorgeous woman, you’d be forgiven for wondering just what she could improve on.

Instead of focusing on weight loss, Anfisa turned her attention to toning and defining her muscles which is clear to see in the photo below. While still undeniably beautiful, there’s a new strength to Anfisa’s look that amplifies her natural charms.

Molly Hopkins

Another 90 Day Fiance alum’s stunning transformation is clear to see in her face. Molly Hopkins’ health journey has not only changed her outside but inside as well. Hopkins has credited Plexus products for helping her gut health as well as helping her shed some weight. Some things are way more important than losing weight, and internal health is absolutely one of them.

Danielle Jbali

Danielle Jbali, who went by her maiden name of Mullins during Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance, had a difficult time on the show. Her short-lived marriage to her much younger husband Mohamed came to a dramatic end after the latter realized how much debt Danielle had tried to conceal from him. Now single, Danielle has focused her energies on raising her four children as well as taking care of her health.

The reality star-turned-influencer has been “living her best life” after dropping from a size 22 pant to size 18. Weight loss is often an incremental business, so victory has to be taken wherever it can be found. Choosing a healthier lifestyle shouldn’t only be noted when looking in the mirror, it should change the way you feel inside way more.

Paola Mayfield 

Our last total transformation comes from Paola Mayfield, wife of Russ Mayfield. The couple starred in the very first season of 90 Day Fiance and their fanbase has not wavered an inch in the time since their TLC reality debut. They’re one of those rare couples whose love has lasted the test of time, and the two have continued to grow together as spouses and parents over the years.

The Mayfields welcomed their first child, a son they named Axel, in 2019, with Paola documenting her fitness routine on Instagram throughout the pregnancy. After having her baby, Paola had understandably held onto some of her baby weight, but not for long.

As a fitness instructor, Paola was more than well-equipped to take her body where she wanted to go. Now she looks more toned than ever, though it’s somewhat infuriating that her “before” photo looks just as good as her “after” picture. Honestly, we’d take either physique if we could!

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