911 Call Captures Muffled Cryings of Mother Being Buried Alive


According to authorities, a woman in Washington State who was bound, gagged, and buried alive, managed to dial 911 using her Apple watch to save her life.

Although the skilled 911 operator couldn’t understand what was being said, they quickly identified her muffled cries and realized that there was something wrong.

“OK, I’m going to get help started to you,”Operator said.

The operator was able to use the woman’s Apple watch to pinpoint her location.

They say that the suspect speeded right past them as the cops raced to their aid.

Police said the woman’s estranged husband was seen on a neighbor’s Ring camera after allegedly throwing her into a minivan and driving off to what he thought was her grave on Oct. 16.

The man drove seven miles to Lacey, where he allegedly pulled his wife into heavy wooded trails. He then dug a shallow hole and buried her alive.

Young An, 42-year-old mother of two, ran for 30 minutes through the woods until she came across a house.

After Chea An (53), her husband was arrested, she begged for bail.  

“Please no bail. I fear for my life,”She spoke. “He will kill me if he gets out.”He is facing multiple charges, including kidnapping and attempted first-degree killing. He has pleaded not guilt.

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