911 Call Reveals Anne Heche’s Fiery Car Crash Aftermath


A newly-released 911 call is shedding light on the terrifying aftermath of Anne Heche’s fiery Aug. 5 car crash.

A neighbor called the police as the horror unfolded next door, when Heche’s vehicle tore through the home.

The caller didn’t know that the famous actress was the driver who crashed into his house. The driver told the operator that the house was in flames.

Chaos broke out when the neighbor attempted to extinguish the flames with a hose. Finally, the operator inquired if anyone was still trapped inside the car.

“Try and get the driver out of the car if we can, but I need you to stay in a safe location,”The operator explained the situation to the caller.

Heche was captured speeding through a quiet Los Angeles neighborhood before the crash. She was trapped in thick smoke for more then an hour before she was finally rescued.

New video shows firefighters taking inventory of the damage from the destroyed home. It appears that the whole house was destroyed by the crash.

Heche’s most recent film, in which she played a trainer for rodeos, was completed by its director. Heche announced that the film would be dedicated to her when it comes out this fall.