A 13-year old girl ended her life when she told a nurse she couldn’t keep herself safe.


Faith Hindle, a schoolgirl from Faith Hill was found in her bedroom dead by her mother December 2018. Her father said that at that time he believed he had killed her. “could not believe”His daughter was gone

A teenager took her own life and had warned a nurse. “felt unable to keep herself safe”An inquest was held the day before her death.

Faith Hindle (13 years old) was found hanged at home. She was rushed to Royal Manchester Hospital by her family but medics couldn’t save her.

Bolton Coroner’s Court heard that her family, school, and GP helped her to access mental health support during the months leading up to her death.

Two referrals to Salford Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service were made in August 2018 after Faith attempted suicide. Manchester Evening News reported.

The Salford Mental Health Liaison Team saw Faith on September 17, when she overdosed at school.

Tayaba Nicholson was a Salford CAMHS mental health practitioner and she received her referral. They continued to meet regularly over the next months.

The hearing heard from Faith that Faith had told Ms. Nicholson on December 7th that she was having suicidal thoughts every day and felt helpless. “unable”To keep her safe.

Faith’s parents were not informed and she told the hearing she had a “very heavy caseload at the time.

She was found in her bedroom by her mother, Charlene, the next evening after she spent the day with friends and was later pronounced dead.

Recording a conclusion of “misadventure”, coroner John Pollard ruled Faith “did not intend to bring about her death”.

He said: “I know from the evidence I have heard that Faith had, on several occasions, tried to end her life. All of her actions amounted to a series of cries for help or attention.

“This was not a systemic failure but simply a question of volume of work.”

Lee, her father, urged those suffering from mental illness to seek treatment after his daughter’s death in 2018.

He said: “I still can’t believe she’s gone.

“She was laughing and joking all day long and then the next day she’s gone. No one can believe it’s happened.

“I still expect to see her – to give her a kiss and stuff.

“Christmas is going to be really hard. Normally I would be taking her shopping, getting her whatever she wants.

“Nobody expects to be planning a 13-year-old’s funeral.”

At the time her friends organised a Just Giving page to help pay for her funeral costs which eventually raised more than £9,000.

Her parents responded saying: “We are so overwhelmed with all the support and help from not just friends and family but the whole of the community.

“There isn’t enough words in the world that would let everyone know how truly grateful we are, we are gonna be able to give our baby girl the most special send off. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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