A 14-year-old’s quirky ‘I voted’ sticker thrusts a New York County’s annual contest Into Spotlight


A New York county’s annual Design contest “I Voted”Sticker logo is going viral thanks to a 14-year-old’s delightfully macabre illustration.

The Ulster County Commissioners Ashley Dittus & John Quigle selected Hudson Rowan from Marbletown as one of six finalists. 

And while the other creations incorporate the typical patriotic suspects — a bald eagle, an American flag, the U.S. Capitol — Hudson chose to feature a human head attached to the body of a spider.

“I was the first person from our office to ever see his design and I remember that moment vividly,”According to Dittus, the online media outlet. Mashable. “I even printed it out and brought it around to everyone in the office because I thought it was so cool. Everyone agreed.”

Students aged 13-18 were eligible to enter the second annual contest. Staffers from the Board of Elections then reduced over a dozen entries down to the final six.

Hudson spoke to the Times Herald-RecordHis entry was unique and he used digital arts software to achieve it. 

“I thought since mine was very different from the others, I didn’t think mine was going to get a lot of attention because of that, but I was wrong. It was exactly the opposite,”Hudson spoke.

Since then, his vibrant sticker has been embraced by many people across the country via social media.

“Gen Z is more powerful than we ever could have imagined,”TikTok user toucannabanana wrote.

One tweet mentioned that the sticker could make a difference in the election.

“We all laugh, but this sticker alone might unironically increase voter turnout in Ulster County. This is a gem of a collectible,” @ECaliberSeven wrote. 

Hudson’s sticker is currently in the lead with 94% of the total votes — over 157,000 and counting. Voting is open until the end of July.

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