A 16-Year-Old Afghan Boy Converts Garbage into Toys as Many Parts Of Country Struggle With Scarcity


Afghanistan’s teenager makes beautiful, functional toys using the most humble materials: garbage.

Shakirullah is a resident of Khost Province, near the border to Pakistan.

He was faced with a shortage of Amazon deliveries and department stores, so he became resourceful.

The 16-year old scours fields and dumps for the raw materials that he needs. The beginnings of a tractor are what looks like trash to most people.

Shakirullah designs a schematic for his replica before getting to work. 

His creations even include working parts which he proudly shows off to reporters. 

Many areas in Afghanistan have faced scarcity both before and after the Taliban regained control of the country on August 20, 2021. 

Much of Afghanistan’s foreign assets are now frozen. 

People in another area of Khost use snow to keep their food cold, as there is no refrigeration.

And half of the country’s population faces acute hunger, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
People like Shakirullah make art and toys out of this scarcity.

Next on his list? A front loader. It’ll be a beauty.