A 16-Year-Old Case of Cold Could Be Solved by Divers After They Pull Car From Tennessee Lake


The discovery of a car from Tennessee may have solved a 16-year-old mystery. 

Oak Ridge police say that the car belonged to Miriam Hemphill (82), who was reported missing in 2005.

Divers from Exploring With the Nug found the car at Melton Hill Lake using sonar equipment. They alerted authorities who removed the vehicle and discovered human remains.

Private investigators report that they search websites for missing persons to try and find those who have vanished with their car.

“Certain cases meet the criteria of it,”Jeremy Sides, Exploring with the NUG said. “Could have been an accident or suicide in their car, and it’s a lot easier to find a car than it is finding a body.”

Authorities state that they await results from testing to confirm Miriam Hemphill is the driver of the car. They hope to finally provide her family with the answers they have been seeking. 

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