A 3-year-old boy was kidnapped and taken by his dad. He is now reunited with his mom thanks to Eagle Eyed Good Samaritan


After being kidnapped eleven days prior, his father allegedly took the boy’s mother.

Noah Clare, 3 years old, ran down the hall to his mother’s arms in a dramatic reunion.

Julia Bonin, a good Samaritan and a good friend, saw the boy walking down Orange County streets, California as she dropped off her son at school. The boy looked very similar to the missing child that Julia Bonin had seen on social networks.

Bonin couldn’t shake that feeling of nagging, so she turned and returned to where she saw the boy, calling 911.

It was Noah, sure enough.

“My heart was pounding. I had a strong feeling that it was, but I was questioning my instincts. I was starting to shake,”Bonin spoke out in Inside Edition

Police say the boy’s father, Jacob Clare, is accused of kidnapping Noah after a scheduled visitation in Tennessee and also kidnapping his 16-year-old niece, with whom he reportedly had an inappropriate relationship. Police say the suspect then drove from the Midwest to southern California.

“It’s been a complete and total nightmare. There were moments where I thought I was never going to get him back,” Noah’s mom told Inside Edition.

The mother tells them that their “incredible”Reunion was her second most memorable moment in life after the birth of Noah. Bonin was deeply thanked by her, and she wept. “our hero”And bringing “my baby back to me.”  

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