A 72-year-old baseball umpire suffers a broken jaw after being punched by coach dad, League Says


After a father coach punched him during an U.S. umpire game, a 72-year-old umpire sustained a fractured jaw. Officials said that the incident occurred during an Amateur Baseball League match.

According to the league, surgery was performed on Saturday in New Jersey on the jaw of the umpire.

According to the league, the coach, who has a child on his team, started arguing with the umpire, and was then ejected from game. The parent coach of the Staten Island-based New York Prospects then punched the older man in the face before fleeing, authorities said.

Frank Cambria is the head of New York Prospects and says the team prays for the umpire. The coach was immediately removed.

“He said ‘I truly apologize. It never happened to me before.’ I don’t know what created that, but there is no room for violence in youth sports,”Cambria told WCBS-TV.

Vicky Flynn of New Jersey said that she plans to introduce legislation to increase penalties for umpires/coaches.

“There’s going to be mandatory minimums and fines associated with that as well, as well as anger management,”She spoke.

The incident is being investigated by the local police. The league didn’t identify either the umpire nor the coach.