A Bear Attacks a 10-Year-Old Boy in Connecticut’s Grandparents’ Backyard


A black bear mauled a 10-year-old playing in his grandparents’ backyard and tried to drag the boy away before it was shot and killed, Connecticut authorities said.

The 250-pound bear attacked the child Sunday morning in Morris, according to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Officials said that the boy was treated at a local hospital for injuries not life-threatening.

State police and wildlife officers responded to the call and took the animal out.

James Butler, the grandfather of the boy, stated to a local newspaper that his grandson was near a trampoline, when a bear entered his backyard.

“I heard him yell ‘bear’ and when I looked up, I saw his leg in the bear’s mouth and the bear trying to drag him across the lawn,”The grandfather said.

He uses a wheelchair. He rolled his chair towards the bear and threw a bar of metal at its head. The animal released the child but then grabbed him again and rolled him onto his back.

The grandfather explained that a neighbor ran over and started waving a pipe and shouting at him. The bear fled, and the grandfather and his grandson entered the house.

The bear returned, walking up a ramp in a wheelchair and looking through a screen. “We thought he was coming through the screen,” Butler said.

The boy sustained a puncture wound on his thigh, biting his foot, and claw cuts on his back.

Black bears are increasingly drawn to an expanding human population in Connecticut as housing developments grow, state wildlife authorities said. They are attracted to food and garbage.


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