A bloodied man stumbled towards a witness, who describes the chaos after a subway shooting


The shooter struck around 8.30am in New York, causing chaos in the rush hour and injuring more people at the 36th Street station. A manhunt was launched.

A witness to the terrifying mass shooting at New York’s subway station described how a man who was bleeding from the chaos towards him was cautioned away.

Multiple people were injured when a gas-mask-wielding gunman opened fire at city commuters from a subway car.

The manhunt for the shooter, who struck at 8.30am, caused chaos in New York’s rush hour and injured more than a dozen people at Brooklyn’s 36th Street Station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park.

Frank James, 62 years old, was identified by the city’s police as a “person of interest” following the shooting.

Two photos were released by police of James as they continue their search for him in relation to the mass shooting which left 28 people with injuries, 10 with gunshot wounds, and 29 others with serious brain damage.

Talk Silver Screen BeatOne witness claimed that he was just moments away from being caught up in the shooting on Tuesday morning.

Konrad Aderer is a Brooklyn-based documentary film maker. He said that he was making his way down the steps of the station when he noticed a man in blood coming towards him, calling out that people had been hurt.

He stated: “I saw this guy come up to the station booth, his pants were down and he was bleeding from both of his legs.

“The agent was animatedly told by him that there were people bleeding and injured on the platform. I was unsure if he said anything about a shooting, but I think I heard it.”

He told how he felt very concerned for the injured man and said he decided to “just get out.”

He added: “That was when I realized that I knew everything I needed and that there was no reason to continue.

“Part of me wanted to find out what happened and help but it just didn’t seem wise. I have a family and I just would have been risking myself and not really helping [by being there].”

He continued to add that he was greeted by a stream of emergency personnel and police officers as he left.

John Ramsey, another witness, witnessed the immediate aftermath of the accident and described people running and screaming out of the train.

He described to the outlet a “massive flight of people” who he said were confused and didn’t know where to go.

After a man fell through the train doors, terrifying footage captured the scene.

As the train car pulled into 36th Street Station, smoke billowed out. The train car pulled into the 36th Street station and opened its doors. Riders were trapped inside, with some falling to their deaths. Images revealed bloodstains on the platform.

Reports that claimed that a suspect was being held in custody were incorrect. Police later confirmed that no suspect had been arrested.