A breakdown on “The Batman”s Latest Trailer.


The Batman Trilogy’s first installment, the highly anticipated and highly anticipated film by Matt Reeves. The BatmanFans have finally been allowed to see Robert Pattinson’s cape and cowl. The trailer was made public during DC fandom, and fans were quick on the internet to analyze all the elements.

“The Batman” gives you a closer look at Batman’s most recent rogues gallery.

Fans knew from the beginning that there would be more than one antagonist to the film. However, the Riddler (Paul Dano) is the main adversary. In the first teaser trailer for the film, fans caught only a glimpse of the seductive Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) and fiendish Penguin (Colin Farrell.) Here’s the rest of the story.



The trailer opens on a rainy day with the Gotham City Police Department’s (GCPD), following the Riddler to a cafe. Many fans have not seen the Riddler’s actual body. The previous trailer showed a flash of his frightening mask. Even now, his face turns away from the camera — presumably involved in the single cup of coffee he ordered, with question mark latte art.

Another scene flashes to a television news headline claiming that the Riddler, a serial killer, has been live-streaming his kills (similarly to how the Joker did it). The Dark KnightHis capture and torture of his victims was live-streamed. The GCPD likely got there by way of the Riddler’s murderous antics.

'The Batman.'


Batman explains, “Fear … it’s a tool. “This trailer features the Bat-signal in all of its glory and new shots of a scene taken from the first trailer. Batman defends himself with ease against gang members wearing masks. Another scene shows the Riddler, who appears to be in Arkham Asylum. He claims he is in prison. “been trying to reach [Batman].”

The first trailer shows Riddler sending notes to Batman in Zodiac Killer-style cryptograms. Batman confronts Riddler, who roars. “What have you done?” It suggests more mayhem ahead. A second shot shows Batman standing in a circle containing symbols and notes. One of the notes reads: “Sins of my father?”

Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne, is a doctor in comics who refuses help from the mob. Could the Riddler have been tied to this?

'The Batman.'

Another scene shows Bruce and Selina Kyle attending the same funeral — maybe for one Riddler’s victims. Selina, unmasked in another scene, insists she can. “take care of herself.” Selina is also seen loading a gun and then walking through a club dressed in a full-length wig. This may be a nod toward her origin story. Batman: Year One.

Selina is a dominatrix who discovers that her club owner has been treating and hiring girls underage. She decides to take revenge and quits the club, taking her costume and making it into a catsuit. We would not be surprised to see a version in English. The Batman, as Zoë hinted that she and Batman have “similar interests in protecting people who can’t protect themselves.”

'The Batman.'


Fans also see Alfred for the first time, naturally worried about Bruce. “If this continues, you won’t have anything left,” He warns me grimly. You can also see more of the Penguin. He seems not to be quite the mob boss as he appears in the comics. The trailer ends with Batman trying to outrun the Penguin, but the Penguin discovers that the Batmobile can be both fast and fireproof.

Early reviews called the film “amazing” “full-on detective noir epic. “The film is set in the week of Halloween, according to Batman. Batman keeps a diary and voices the film’s narration. Fans are excited to see how the characters come across each other and eagerly await the next installment of Batman’s trilogy.

The Batman will be released in cinemas on March 4, 2022.

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