A budding model has her legs amputated due to COVID complications; she leaves hospital to celebrate 21st birthday


A model-aspiring actress had both her legs amputated by COVID-19 complications. She returned home last week to celebrate her 21st Birthday with family and friends.

Claire Bridges, a courageous young woman, was born with a congenital heart condition, According to People

When she tested positive for COVID in early January, she had already been fully vaccinated.

On Jan. 16, when her health began to rapidly decline she was hospitalized and put in ICU, and was on life support.

Doctors diagnosed her with mild pneumonia, COVID-19 myocarditis and cyanotic, acidosis. The New York Post reported

One of the complications that developed was restricted blood flow to her legs. The life-threatening infection was so dire that it required doctors to amputate her legs, Newsweek reported.  

On March 17, after spending two months in a medical facility in Tampa, Florida, Bridges was able to return to her home in St. Petersburg.

Before the young woman contracted COVID she was working toward a modeling career.  Her Instagram is filled with images of her smiling with different backdrops, including posing on a boat and standing on the beach. One of her recent images is a photo of her sitting upright on her hospital bed.

“I sat up by myself today!!,” she wrote. “So stoked!” 

Bridges has been supported by many of her more than 5,000 followers.

“You are a true inspiration Claire!!!!,”One person wrote. “Thank you for being you!! We are rooting for you.”

Bridges’ father Wayne Bridges, recently posted on Facebook, called his daughter “a” “warrior,” Newsweek reported

“Two months to the day this all started and Claire, for the first time sat up by herself! It may not seem like a lot, but for this Warrior, it’s a major victory!” he wrote. 

As his daughters are preparing for prosthetics, he also talked about the long and difficult road ahead. 

To help raise money for Bridges’ medical and living expenses, a GoFundMe has been organized by Bridges’ roommate and friend, Heather Valdes.

“[Claire] will have to make major adjustments into a new way of life and any funds raised can help ease some of the challenges she may experience with medical and living experiences. Anything helps!”She wrote. 

More than $108,000 was raised to reach their goal of $150,000 as of Friday.

Last weekend while sitting in her backyard with loved ones Bridges wrote: “Home & Outside.” Following up with, “21st spent right! She expressed her gratitude for all of the love and wishes she received.