A bumbling fugitive forgets that he is on the run, and flags down officers before being promptly arrested


After asking police for help with his car’s breakdown, a clueless driver was arrested. He had forgotten that cops were looking for him.

The man forgot to bring petrol so he was stuck in middle of the road.

After reviewing his options, he decided to ask West Midlands Police officers for assistance with his car.

After asking for help from the police, the officers quickly realized that the man they were dealing was making an allegation and also driving an untaxed car.

Officers took the driver into custody for not having his vehicle taxed. Also, they found that he was wanted on suspicion of making threats against killing.

Fugitive forgets he's on the run and flags down police before being arrested
Police arrested the driver after he ‘forgot’ that he was wanted.

After the incident, police officers took the man into custody. They continued their investigation.

The car was seized by police, who then turned to social media for a humorous and witty joke about the incident and the man.

The tweet, which was posted under SmithswoodWMP’s Twitter handle, read: “When you forget you’re wanted and flag down Police to help with your broken down car…”Then, a round applause emoji follows.

The next line was: “Ran out of fuel, ran out of time and also… you’ve ran out of tax!”The hashtag is then followed “Whoops”.

The final line was: “One male arrested for threats to kill and vehicle seized.”With the hashtag result, and the eyes emoticon.

White male being being handcuffed by Policeman against Police car
The twitter account for the Smithswood, Kingshurst & Castle Bromwich Police made a funny dig at the man on social media

The clever tweet received 12 retweets. Five quote tweets were also sent and 51 likes.

Officers in the cafeteria laughed at it.

The tweet posted on The Smithswood, Kingshurst & Castle Bromwich Police Twitter account on January 20th and was accompanied by a picture of a police van behind a Volkswagen Golf.

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