A Couple Makes New Claims About The Center ‘Property Brothers’Lawsuit


The couple behind Property BrothersDuring their most recent interview, lawsuit provided new information. MindyAnd Paul KingLas Vegas residents are suing the former production company behind HGTV’s popular show, as well as local contractors, over claims of fraud, misrepresentation and faulty workmanship. The Kings shared new information on how the experience affected them, in addition to the already public information.

‘Property Brother’ Lawsuit Rages On

Mindy King and Paul initially agreed to appear on Property Brothers Instead of going on a honeymoon, they were promised access at steeply discounted prices to high-end furniture and fixtures. They claimed that they received a house with structural and electrical problems instead of the dream home they wanted. 

Drew Scott and twin brothers Jonathan Scott are the hosts of popular home renovation series. In 2019, Scott Brothers Entertainment was founded by them. This is the production company behind the current television show. Property Brothers.

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The couple filed a lawsuit against Cineflix Media (the former production company) as a result. Property Brothers. The Kings spoke with the New York TimesMindy shared their problems and revealed for the first time that Mindy had suffered serious health issues since moving into the ranch home. Mindy explained that Mindy was a good friend and a great listener. “I have not felt good since we started living in the house.” 

Dream Home Turns Into A Nightmare

According to the Kings they realized as soon as they finished the reveal of their completed renovations that there were issues, but producers instructed them to be excited. Mindy said that the reveal had to be filmed four times in order to get the perfect take. Other homeowners featured in HGTV’s home renovation shows shared their stories. This indicates that it is possible to use aggressive coaching techniques to get the correct reaction. 

The Kings alleged that the lawsuit covered a variety of issues, some only cosmetic. Others, however, presented a greater problem. Some electrical work was completed without proper permitting, the complaint alleged, and the gas line for the stove wasn’t installed properly. 

Contaminated Water

A second complaint was filed by the couple and includes allegations regarding an improperly installed dishwasher. An air gap is a mechanism that prevents contaminated water from entering clean water. 

Initially, the Kings sought $1,4775,000 to be compensated. Their complaint listed more than 90 issues with construction. The Nevada State Contractors Board inspected the home in September 2020. They only found 10 problems, with an estimated repair cost of $94,672. 

Production Company Returns

Villa Construction was ordered to rectify the problems by the board. Cineflix claims that the Kings denied Villa Construction access to the home to make the repairs. Although the Kings dispute this claim, the production company claims that the Kings were misinforming the couple. 

“This is an obvious attempt by the Kings to garner attention and financial gain while the matter is still before the courts,”Cineflix released a statement to the New York Times

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HGTV, which is the network behind the show released a statement to the outlet in which they reiterated their commitment to it “want homeowners who are featured in our series to be happy,”Additionally, homeowners will be included in the planning process. They will also be given an overview of who will participate in the renovation. 

“The business relationship and contractual agreements for the renovations are agreed upon by the homeowners and the contractors,”The statement went on. “When we learn of a business dispute, we encourage the contractors and homeowners to work together to resolve the issue.”

What’s Happening With The Case Now

The Kings’ case is ongoing. The case will now go to court, according to a judge on May 25. The couple still resides in the Las Vegas home featured on the Property Brothers, but it’s not exactly by choice. Though they’d love to move, “We’re trapped,”Paul King explained. “The house is packed full of code violations, so we can’t just bail,”He added: “What they did was build a really nice studio to shoot their show.”

It’s truly unfortunate that the Kings are so unhappy with the renovations done to their home. Although the case remains pending, we believe that there will be a resolution in the near future. We’ll continue to monitor and update the story as new developments arise.

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