A couple transforms a house that has been abandoned for 30 years into something new.


A couple of clever individuals have succeeded in transforming a “dilapidated” mansion that had been left abandoned for 30 years, adding $745,000 (£556,094) to the property value through their efforts

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Couple transform an abandoned mansion into their dream home

Abby Brothers found it online and Trey, her husband, decided to purchase an old, shabby property that was once a grand mansion.

They purchased the dilapidated house, situated in Aberdeen, North Carolina, for $155,000 (£85,840), knowing full well that an ambitious renovation project lay ahead of them.

They were not discouraged by the large undertaking. The Brothers knew that they were looking forward to their ‘forever home’.

They have since transformed the property, which dates back to 1913, into the beautiful family home it was built to be, adding an incredible $745,000 (£556,094) to the property value thanks to their hard work.

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Abby, a registered nurse aged 31 years old, stated: “When we saw the home in person we knew it was our home, but it looked so sad and dilapidated. Many people told us we were crazy for buying a home of this size that needed that much work.

“We wanted to restore our home into just that – a home. It was built originally for a family, and we want to keep it that way. All of the original features, including plumbing, electricity and windows, needed to be restored.”.

The 6,000 sq ft colonial revival brick manor has six bedrooms and four bathrooms, with a magnificent staircase leading to the upper floor from the impressive foyer.

The spacious kitchen opens up to the dining room, a study, living room area, and a sleeping porch, while the attic is large enough for any storage needs.

She added: “The home was abandoned for over 30 years. There were many leaks in its roof that caused serious water damage.

“We couldn’t walk into the dining room completely because the floor had given way and was in the basement, therefore this entire side of the home required new floor joist and flooring and the roof was repaired and replaced”.

The couple had to also replace all of their windows and repoint various parts of the brick exterior.

They decided to retain many of the original features and changed only two areas.

Abby continued: “Needless to say, we took our home down to the studs and started fresh with everything. Anything that required permits, such as plumbing, electrical, structural repairs or changes, we left to professionals.

“We assisted with the demo, and also helped in any way possible. Trey finished the terrazzo floors of the bathrooms and created concrete countertops for the kitchen/pantry.”.

With assistance from his mum and stepdad, Trey, 33, laid all of the kitchen and bathrooms tiles except for one bathroom where Abby and her family – who carried out all the interior painting – took over.

The renovations took nine months to complete in total, and there was a further exciting development to come when the couple welcomed son Wim to their new family home in December 2020.

Having set themselves a budget of between $250,000-$275,000 – keeping costs low by doing as much DIY as possible – the couple ended up spending $268,494 in total (around £201,000).

Abby said: “We consider our home a treasure. Our home was in dire need of repair, and we loved it even more when it was restored. We live here so we can see all the faults. However, it is possible to overlook the imperfections and still appreciate how far we have come.

“Our home is unique and strong, but simple and cosy at the same time. We are just an ordinary couple that happened on an extraordinary home”.

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