A Disney Channel Star Reveals That He’s Engaged


Fans of early 2000s Disney Channel content may be surprised to learn that a much-loved star from that era is newly engaged. Phil of the Future Raviv Ullman recently E! NewsThey were able to catch up with his activities since 2006, when the show ended. Ullman played Phil Diffy, a 15-year old time traveler who finds himself in 2003 after he gets lost in 2121. 

The 36-year-old talked about everything that happened in his life since. Phil of the Future 2004 debut, with a recent moment in life.”I’m engaged,”E!Jillian Fabiano, Ullman told E!” So that’s a wild new thing in the past year and a half or so. Adventures abound.” Ullman revealed that he met his fiance´, British animator and illustrator Julia Pott, on an app, “like every good millennial.”

Pott was applauded by the man who called her “Pott” “an insanely talented animator. I’m just smitten. We have a cute little house together in Los Angeles, and we’re figuring it out as we go. A couple crazy artists just trying to make some cool stuff.”Ullman claimed that she had not seen anything like it. Phil of the Future “Which probably helps,”He laughed. “The good thing is, I was like, “I cannot clean the dishes at the moment. I must go to E! News.” 

The former child actor addressed his past as Disney Channel star and said that he is still remembered by childhood Disney Channel viewers. “The breadth of people is smaller now, but it’s more meaningful in a certain way.” he said. Ullman referred to his time on the sitcom as his “The college years” which also became a school. “We had writers who had written about Shrek and Friends. To be able to share our knowledge and learn from them was an honor.” 

He also mentioned hanging out with other famous actors from the Disney Circle of Stars like Ashley Tisdale, Dylan, and Cole Sprouse, and said that everyone’s still “Loosely” in touch but he keeps up with what they are all doing. After Phil of the Future concluded, Ullman made appearances in a few other Disney properties like That’s So Raven and the TV movie Pixel Perfection. However, he seemed to drop out of the spotlight shortly after. When asked why he decided to “Walk away” Ullman answered, “I don’t believe I looked at it like this: “Now, I’m a Disney star, will do Disney movies forever,” but I simply wanted to work. I never thought that I was trying to break away. 

He said, “I look back at that time and, even though it is a centerpiece of my career at this point, it was one of many jobs that I’ve done over, you know, the 25 years that I’ve been working in the industry.”He hasn’t “heard any rumblings,”Ullman stated that he is all in for a Phil of the Future reboot. “I’ll never say no. We had such a good time. I’m not going to be the one to turn that down.”