A Facebook user has a 13p glove hack to streak-free fake tan


It’s spring time which means many of us are looking forward to some sunshine – and getting the fake tan out of the bathroom cupboard.

A false tanner can be safer than sunbeds and natural tanning which can increase your risk for skin cancer.

However, fake tan products, sprays, and liquids can sometimes cause streaky effects.

That doesn’t mean you have to abandon your loyal sunless tanner for more dangerous methods though as a number of Facebook users have discovered an easy hack for a “flawless” false tan.

And, it’ll cost you just a few pennies.

A beauty lover took to Facebook and said she’d “never use a mitt again”Reports were made after they discovered that a set of gloves for 13p worked even better. Manchester Evening News

Get tanned glowing skin for pennies
For pennies, get tanned and glowing skin

The hack was shared with the Make-up Tips and Tricks group for women over 40. FacebookShe wrote the following: “So I saw a tip on a different Facebook group about applying fake tan with a latex glove instead of the usual tanning mitt.

“Just to let you lovely lot know that I’ve tried it and couldn’t be happier with the results!

“Streak-free, even tan. Will never use a mitt again!”

In the comments, many women agreed with the clever hack and said it had been their tanning secret for years.

One person said: “This is how I have done it for years. I couldn’t bear to give up on the mitt, despite being sent one after another.”

Another wrote: “This is the only way I’ve done it. I feel like it’s easier to tell where I’ve applied it and how much.”

You can pick up latex gloves in a multipack for a few quid
For a few pence, you can get latex gloves in multipacks

The third was added: “I’ve been doing it this way for 20 years. Then a smooth makeup sponge for my hands & fingers. Perfect results each time!”

Over on TikTok, the Hondrou Twins put the application method to the test on their channel, @hondroutwinsofficial, where 18.7million people watched.

They said that tanning mitts were like latex gloves, and that the latex glove made their legs look better. “flawless”Streak-free.

However, the mitt made the tan look a little more uneven and was difficult to blend in with.

Asda sells a packet of 20 disposable latex gloves for £2.63 which works out to approximately 13p each, but you can also pick them up cheaper in other stores like Home Bargains or B&M.

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