A FDNY Firefighter Saved Tourists 1 Week Ago After a Boat Capsized is Now Saved After an SUV Rolls on to Him


It was terrifying to see an SUV roll over onto one of our vehicles. “New York’s Bravest”This was captured on film.  

It took place in Manhattan’s bustling middle-town after a black BMW SUV was struck by a white sedan. 

A witness stated that a firefighter was trying stabilize the BMW’s condition when the driver, trapped inside, accidentally pressed the gas pedal. This caused the vehicle to crash down. 

The firefighter’s leg was crushed when the vehicle arrived. 

To save him, fellow firefighters and good Samaritans ran to his aid. 

Later, authorities revealed that Ryan Warnock was the firefighter who was found underneath the vehicle. Ryan Warnock was just one week old when he was praised for his bravery in diving into the Hudson River to rescue tourists from their boat.  

“You just have a job to do, and you do it, and we trained for this and that’s why we’re here,”Warnock stated this to reporters last week.  

Miraculously, Warnock was only injured in his most recent act of heroism. 

“He’s a true hero, that’s a real New York hero right there,”Witness said.