A Flying umbrella causes a woman to die after she is pushed in her chest at the beach.


A flying umbrella landed on a woman, aged 63 years old, and she speared her chest.

Tammy Perreault, her husband, and their friends were near Myrtle Beach when an intense gust of wind caused the umbrella to fly. Perrault lost it. She was struck by the pole’s sharp end and impaled.

Mike, her husband, is still reeling from the tragic accident.

“It was just a regular day with all our beach friends, and then this happened,”Mike said.

He is distraught and wants all beachgoers to be alert.

“Keep your eyes open. It could have been a 10-year-old kid, and it just so happened that it was my wife,”Mike stated on “Good Morning America.”

Tammy’s friend, Sherry White, was there and witnessed the incident.

“I’ll never forget it. I think about it every minute. Her life was just cut so short. It’s just not fair,”White stated this to the outlet.

Sarah Schermerhorn Murphy of beachBUB, who specializes on umbrella safety, demonstrated how to keep an umbrella safe in the sand. To dig the hole, she used a special tool called a “sand gopher” and said that an anchor was essential. 

Experts advise that umbrellas should be taken down if winds gust up to 15 to 20 mph at the beach.